Our Story

Church History

In November of 1961, a group of sixteen Christians were worshipping together without a pastor or a church. In answer to their prayers, Rev. Aureliano Flores was led of God to come to California. He had no idea at the time that God had chosen him to be the spiritual leader of this congregation, which would prove to be a vital and growing group in the Southern California area.

On November 21, 1961 the first service was held in a borrowed church on Valley Boulevard in Rosemead. The Church of the Redeemer began as the small group of worshippers united in asking God's blessing upon themselves and their families. The founders of the Church included: Angel Chavez, Licia Chavez, Manuel Chavez, Richard Chavez, Eddie Chavez, David Chavez, Amy Millan, Gloria Millan, Abel Rivera, Connie Rivera, Armida Flores, and Aureliano Flores.

The first revival was held with Rev. Roberto Loya and from the very start, souls were being saved and added to the Church. Many relatives of the founders began to attend and join the Church. New families who found a spiritual oasis in the Church of the Redeemer also became members.

Services continued for the first sixteen months in the building borrowed on a part time basis from another congregation. Very soon, it was obvious that a separate sanctuary was essential and the small, young congregation began to work towards the purchase of a property. It seemed an impossible dream, but there was determination and faith at work.

On March 16, 1963 dedication services were held for the building located on the corner of Pacific and Vineland Avenues in Baldwin Park. The sanctuary seated two hundred and fifty. There was an office, classrooms and a nursery in the main building and an annex with a kitchen and additional rooms. Although it was by no means a new building, it was exactly suited to the needs of the young Church. The thirty-five member congregation settled in to what they thought would be their permanent church home.

Within a few months, the Pacific and vine property was feeling the strain of a growing congregation. Afternoon services on Sunday were usually overflowing with folding chairs in th aisles and benches placed in the front for the children. The choir area could barely accommodate the forty to fifty voice choir. Chapels were crowded with children of all ages during Morning Worship. The growing pains were again being felt and the decision was made to ask God for something even bigger, better and seemingly even more impossible. If $35,000 had sounded astronomical when the purchase of the first church was made, the price tags of the properties now under consideration were unthinkable. Yet, again, there was faith in action and steps were taken to raise the necessary down payment. The property that would soon be home to the Church of the Redeemer was first seen by the Pastor, his wife and a young member who all immediately claimed it by faith - demonstrated by marching around it.

On March 16, 1968 the Church of the Redeemer moved into the spacious facilities at 3739 Monterey Avenue in Baldwin Park. The beautiful sanctuary seats five hundred with ann-ex houses, dining room, kitchen, chapels and Sunday School rooms. An added blessing is the surrounding property which provides ample parking and room for expansion. The land and buildings were valued at over $150,000 at the time of purchase. It was truly a miracle that brought this congregation to this point in only seven short years.

This history of the Church of the Redeemer cannot end here, for we are still growing, still marching forward! Somewhere in this exciting story of God's working, you fit in because God has brought you into this family that worships together. Let's all keep the vision and the faith that has brought us this far as we continue to let God work in our lives. THE CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER IS MARCHING