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What is time? Rev. Billy Graham writes:

“Scriptures says we have 70 years and beyond (Psalm 90). The first 15 are spent in childhood and early adolescence. 20 years are spent in bed, and in the last 5 physical limitations start to impact activity. That leaves us 30 years to live as adults including eating, working, now we are left with 15. Some spend 7 years watching television. That leaves 8, time is short. The time to live for God is short!”

The Preacher of Ecclesiastes writes that time is limited so put your hope in God. He gets to the end of the matter in chapter 12:

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them.”

Some of us make the mistake of putting things off until later, but here the preacher says remember our creator now. We may be thinking I will remember God later. Or once I get everything together I will remember God. Or when I meet the right person, or get the right job, or have the right amount of money. Solomon linked joy in life, not to our material possessions, personal relationships, or ambitious pursuits but to our relationship with God.

Remember God through it all (12.2-8):

Remember now, becomes the aging process is coming. Darkness and clouds in 12.2 could represent eyesight getting weak. Age can be compared to a house breaking down in verses 3 & 4. Trembling hands, stooping shoulders, lost teeth, poor eyesight, loss of hearing, sleeplessness, and confused speech (FCA). In verse 5 it is fear of going out, hair turning white like the almond tree blossoms. Grasshoppers lose their spring, the cord is snapped, the bowl is broken, the jar is shattered, the wheel is broken, the dust returns to the earth and the spirit returns to God who gave it. What does that mean? Before the fact, remember. Before we reach our final years, remember. Before death, remember. All is vanity, all is futile, all is really meaningless, Life apart from God is meaningless, and so the Preacher is saying, “Serve the Lord now!”

Remember the Lord now, while you have a chance. Serve the Lord through it all. One of the great hymn writers Fannie Crosby, Blessed Assurance, was blind. The Hallelujah chorus was written by Frederick Handel when he was poverty stricken. Helen Keller wrote, I thank God for my handicaps for through them I have found myself, my work, and my God.

Now that’s wisdom for daily living.

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